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Juniper – A tough girl

At only a few weeks Juniper was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, was listed for a heart transplant and implanted with an EXCOR Pediatric that would support her until a donor heart became available.

Juniper’s mom recently posted:

“This was a team effort. The sheer number of people it took to create this moment is immeasurable. One brilliant surgeon, several transplant physicians and cardiologists, countless nurses who worked their asses off making sure she would make it through their shift, lab staff who constantly ran tests to monitor her blood chemistry, Berlin Bob and his team who are behind the technology of the pump that would offload her heart keeping it pumping for 6 months. The hard work of these individuals all working towards a collective goal of keeping her alive long enough to wait for the one person who would ultimately save her: her donor, who’s parents are truly responsible for giving Juniper today, a moment that is significant for any parent but seems monumental for a kid like her who would never have seen this day without the kindness of strangers, the extensive training of medical experts, and the advancements in science and technology. Here’s a big virtual high five and hug to all of you who have helped bring this day to fruition. #hearttransplant“