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EXCOR® Pediatric Overview

Berlin Heart is your partner during the entire VAD therapy: from choosing the right system, through implantation, to postoperative management for your patients.

EXCOR® Pediatric Overview

Providing Even the Smallest Patients with Valuable Support

EXCOR® Pediatric is a mechanical circulatory support system that provides assistance to the failing left ventricle. The system is specifically designed for infants and children with life-threatening heart failure refractory to optimal medical therapy. Young patients benefit directly from restored hemodynamics, a result of the improved circulation provided by the device. Additionally, end-organ function is often improved signifi­cantly and even normalized in patients with profound cardiogenic shock.

Treatment with the EXCOR® Pediatric may also improve the quality of life for patients with severe heart failure. Patients of every age may be supported by the system and gain valuable time while waiting for a transplant. Some patients have even experienced recovery of their own heart function

The EXCOR® system incorporates paracorporeal, pulsatile membrane pumps and implantable silicone cannulae. The Berlin Heart EXCOR® Pediatric satisfies a large range of anatomical, clinical and practical requirements of VAD therapy with an extensive portfolio of different size blood pumps and a wide selection of atrial, apex and arterial cannulae.


As a manufacturer specializing in mechanical circulatory support systems, Berlin Heart has incorporated unequalled clinical experience and scientific competence with pediatric VADs. Today a fully developed system with published therapeutic success is available for clinical use. EXCOR® Pediatric systems are currently used in more than 170 specialized centers worldwide. For further information please find the EXCOR® Pediatric Instructions for Use and further documents in our download area.

“Kids that get a Berlin Heart are in much better shape for the heart transplant that they ultimately get. Their post operative course tends to be much smoother than kids that are waiting in the hospital on drugs.”
- Sanjiv K. Gandhi, Chief of Pediatric Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at British Columbia Children's Hospital




Video of a young pediatric VAD patient